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      Weddings celebrations vary from place to place. However, there is a clear difference between Viet Nam and western wedding. First and for most, while the mainstream color of western weddings is white, that of Viet Nam is red. From the dresses of the brides to the decorations of the whole wedding, the main color will follow the whole concept. However, in modern days, lots of people prefer white dresses like western brides. Secondly, The celebration party in Viet Nam lasts for two days and the family will invite all the neighbors surrounding together with other relatives. In the evening young people dance with loud dance music. On the contrary, people in Europe and America spend one day to celebrate the couples. They also don’t care about eating, they just have small meals with champagne or wine. During the weddings, light music will be played and sometimes they may have slight dancing. Finally, people in Viet Nam send wishes to the couple with some money inside an envelope. Whereas, western guests give them gifts or presents with wishes.Tthe world is changing and so is Viet Nam, Vietnamese now tend to simplify the customs but still maintain the culture values. One important thing to remember is: what should be eliminated and what must be kept to avoide loosing the Vietnamese’s Traditions.

      Lễ cưới thay đổi theo từng nơi. Tuy nhiên, có sự khác biệt rõ ràng giữa Việt Nam và đám cưới phương Tây. Trước hết, trong khi màu sắc chính của đám cưới phương tây là trắng, màu của Việt Nam là màu đỏ. Từ trang phục của cô dâu đến trang trí của toàn bộ đám cưới, màu sắc chính sẽ theo toàn bộ ý tưởng. Tuy nhiên, vào thời hiện đại, rất nhiều người thích những bộ váy trắng như những cô dâu phương tây. Thứ hai, Lễ ăn mừng đám cưới ở Việt Nam kéo dài trong hai ngày và gia đình sẽ mời tất cả những người hàng xóm xung quanh cùng với những người thân khác. Vào buổi tối, những người trẻ tuổi nhảy múa với âm nhạc sôi động. Ngược lại, mọi người ở Châu Âu và Mỹ lại bỏ ra một ngày để chúng mừng các cặp vợ chồng. Họ cũng không quan tâm đến ăn uống, họ chỉ có những bữa ăn nhỏ với rượu sâm banh hoặc rượu vang. Trong đám cưới, nhạc nhẹ sẽ được chơi và đôi khi họ có thể khiêu vũ. Cuối cùng, người dân ở Việt Nam gửi lời chúc cho cặp vợ chồng với một số tiền trong một phong bì. Trong khi đó, khách phương Tây tặng cho họ quà tặng những lời chúc. Thế giới đang thay đổi và Việt Nam cũng vậy, người Việt Nam hiện nay có xu hướng đơn giản hóa phong tục nhưng vẫn duy trì các giá trị văn hoá. Một điều quan trọng cần ghi nhớ là: điều gì nên được loại bỏ và những gì cần phải được giữ gìn để không đánh mất các truyền thống người Việt ta.

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Đoạn văn 2

      Recently my elder sister got married and this was an especial wedding ceremony in my life. I was both exhilarated and sad at the same time and this would make me remember this ceremony for the rest of my life. 

      The marriage reception took place at our home, Phuc Yen city, which is a beautiful place. And almost three hundred guests including many relatives, neighbors and my parents’ colleagues, were present at the ceremony.

      My elder sister, Phuong Mai, who is my only sister was getting wedded to his boyfriend- Tung. They had a 5 years’ relationship and after they got their parents’ blessings, they decided to tie the knot. I was a sophomore student at that time and the ceremony was arranged during my semester break. I was looking forward to being a part of the ceremony as I wanted a memorable wedding reminiscence for my loving sister.  The wedding venue was decorated well with lightings and people were dressed to kill in traditional dresses and suits. The principal colors were likely to be white and pink. Apart from this, the wedding was just amazing as it included several delicious and mouth-watering dishes while a wide variety of sweets were just enough to lure everyone to eat more and more.

      This was a special wedding to me as one of my most beloved persons was starting a new phase in her life. It was also a good chance to saw my old friends and we all had a great time. We took a lot of pictures with the bride and the bridegroom and definitely made the most of the occasion. We danced all night and we just had a huge fun. I enjoyed this wedding ceremony a lot. I gave her a special gift that only both can know the meaning to celebrate her wedding day. I cannot remember any other event so touchy for me and this is a day I will always remember.

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Đoạn văn 3

      From the past until now, marriage is one of the most important matters in one person’s life. Nowadays, the traditional wedding custom and ceremony in Vietnam is somewhat simpler, but it still maintains the national characters. Many rituals have been ignored as not suitable for modern life. However, there are some obligatory wedding rites that all couples should comply with. In the right sequence, marriage proposal is the first ritual inthe traditional wedding Vietnam. It is the official meeting of two families. At the appointed time and date, the offerings including betel and areca, fruits, candies… will be brought to the bride’s family for sealing the commitment to marriage. When the bride’s family agrees, the couple will burn incense and offer the gifts to the ancestral altar.                 This wedding ceremony in vietnam is the official announcement about marriage of the young couple. The girl must follow her husband to new house and become a married woman. After the betrothal ritual, the couple will get the marriage certificate at the local government agency and prepare the last traditional wedding ceremony. At the chosen time and date, the groom, his parents and delegation will come to the bride’s house with wedding cars, flowers and offerings . After arriving the groom’s house, the ancestral ceremony must also be conducted here, and one after another the groom’s family will offer the couple their presents. All members of two families will be invited to have a glass of tea or water to show greetings and respects of the pair. Finally, the couple and their parents will welcome their guests, relatives and friends at the wedding party hold at home or the restaurant. Nowadays, with modern life, the important rituals are still preserved and maintain in the traditional wedding, but they may have some changes in implementing method. The sophistication or complication can be flexible, and depend on situation of each family.

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Đoạn văn 4

      Today’s concept of the importance of a wedding remains intact. However, the creation of a married couple is no longer too dependent on the community. In fact, the right to decide belongs to the young couple. This also allows the bride and groom to be more personal at the wedding.
From the legal side, as long as a couple has a marriage certificate, they are protected by the law. However, the common concept of all couples is that getting married must be approved by both families and informed to relatives and friends.

      In addition to traditional weddings as before, brides and grooms also organize weddings held at wedding venues such as restaurants, wedding centers, hotel wedding halls or family grounds (with translation outsourced or self-cooked party cooking). The bride and groom poured champagne and cut wedding cakes to both sides of the family. Then they exchanged wedding rings.
After the wedding day, the newlyweds often bring gifts to the bride’s house for the family ceremony and visit the bride’s parents, brothers, sisters and sisters. On this occasion, the bride’s family often makes rice for the bride and groom to eat with the family.
      This custom is maintained with the meaning of reminding children of filial piety, gratitude for birth, and nurturing of parents, strengthening the family relationship from the couple’s first day, with good love couple.

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