Soạn Anh 7 mới : Unit 11. Looking back |

Unit 11: Travelling in the future

Looking back (phần 1 5 trang 56 SGK Tiếng Anh 7 mới)


1. Use the clues in the two pictures to form a phrase. 

a. environmentally friendly helicopter.

b. solar-power taxi.

c. driverless plane.

d. space car.

e. underwater bus.

2. Complete this table. (Hoàn thành bảng)



Energy used



ride, pedal






flying, driverless




highspeed, driverless





3. Change the personal pronouns in brackets into suitable possessive pronouns.(Đổi những đại từ nhân xưng trong ngoặc thành đại từ sở hữu thích hợp.)

This bicycle is (1. I) ____________. It’s parked next to (2. you) __________. Are Phuong and Dung at school today? I can’t see (3. they) ______________. I really like Anna’s bike. I wish I had (4. she) _______________.

1. mine

2. yours

3. theirs

4. hers

4. Look at the information about skycycling tubes. Then write a description of this means of transport using will and won’t. (Nhìn vào thông tin về cái ống đạp trên không. Sau đó viết bài miêu tả phương tiện này sử dụng will và won’.)

Soạn Anh 7 mới : Unit 11. Looking back | Giải Tiếng Anh 7 mới

Skycycling tubes will be the funniest transport in the future world but don’t look at the coat then judge the inside. This kind of tubes will help us travel without dangers because it will be slow and driveless. You won’t be worried about people around due to the unique tubes. It will be private.

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5. Match the sentences in A with those in B. Some sentences in A can be matched with more than one sentence in B. (Nối các câu trong cột A với các câu trong cột B. Một số câu trong cột A có thể phù hợp với hơn 1 câu trong cột B.)


1.         Will we travel in driverless cars in the future?

2.         Will we have high speed trains in the next fi ve years?

3.         I think we will have electric taxis very soon.

4.         Will the Segway be environmentally friendly?

5.         I hope it will be a lovely picnic.


a.         Yes, of course.

b.         Oh, I think we won’t have them until the year 2030.

c.         I don’t know. Perhaps we won’t travel in driverless cars in the future.

d.         Yes, I just hope it won’t rain.

e.         Yes, maybe we will.


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